There are various stages in the processing of a planning application.  It starts with the submission of an application form, drawings and associated fee (Apply for Planning Permission).

The form, drawings and fee will be checked to make sure that the council has all it needs to make a decision, this will then be validated. (If proposals have to be altered or adapted for any reason after this point, the application will be required to be withdrawn and resubmitted with the revisions or further information included.


Your application is categorised into National, Major or Local development. National developments are large scale infrastructure developments, major developments are those which have a site size of two hectares or more, or comprise 50 or more dwellings. All applications smaller than this are classified as local applications.

The application is then allocated to a planning officer.

The council will send neighbour notification letters to those within 20 metres of the site boundary. (If advertisement in the local press is necessary, we will be in touch with regards to the additional fee).

We will issue any relevant consultations e.g. Roads Authority, Environmental Health, Historic Environment Scotland etc.

The Planning Officer assigned to the application will carry out a site assessment and may be in touch to arrange access if required.


They will consider all development plan policies, material considerations, public comments and consultation responses relating to the application then compile a recommendation and a report relating to the handling of the application where applicable.

Decision Making

The decision on whether to grant or refuse an application is ultimately made by the Planning and Building Standards Manager or the Planning Panel.  In most cases, conditions are used to control the development or request further details.

The applicant is entitled to appeal a planning decision.  Usually, this is because their planning application has been refused, but it may also happen where consent has been granted but the applicant is unhappy with one or more of the planning conditions attached to the consent.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:54 PM