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Insurance Online Forms

If you have suffered damage to your personal belongings or personal injury and feel it was the fault of Stirling Council, you may wish to submit a third party claim form. 

A claim from a member of the public can only be progressed if we receive a formal completed Claim Form. We do not take details over the phone in case we misinterpret any of the information you give us. 

Claim form for incidents related to road & footway defects only, e.g. potholes, road damage:

Claim form for general incidents not related to roads or footways. e.g. damage to personal property or personal injury:

Claim form for incidents that occur in or around your home or residence. e.g. flooding:


For 3rd Party Motor Claims involving a Council vehicle, please contact the Insurance Team directly.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:49 PM