The Promise is the outcome of the Independent Care Review published in 2020, which heard from over 5,500 people with experience of the care system in Scotland.  The Care Review listened carefully to them to understand what needed to change so that services work well for young people and their families.

The Promise is Scotland’s ambition ‘to be the best place in the world to grow up’ so that children are ‘loved, safe, and respected and realise their full potential’.  In October 2016, the First Minister made a commitment that Scotland would “come together and love its most vulnerable children to give them the childhood they deserve.”

Stirling Council has committed to #KeepThePromise and to support our young people with experience of care as best we can.  Through face to face workshops and online conversations we have worked in partnership with our young people, staff and partner agencies to develop our Corporate Parenting / Promise Plan 2021 – 2024.  This plan sets out how we will develop and begin to embed the principles and priorities of The Promise to transform our services to ensure a thriving workforce supports thriving communities, where children and young people receive the support they need to grow up loved, safe and respected.

The Plan is separated into five priority areas:

  • A good childhood
  • Whole family support
  • Supporting the workforce
  • Planning
  • Capacity building

While we work hard to deliver on the actions and activities in this Plan we are already developing our ten year plan to ensure we #KeepThePromise by 2030.

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What is a Corporate Parent?

Corporate parenting means "the formal and local partnerships needed between all local authority departments and services, and associated agencies, who are responsible for working together to meet the needs of looked after children and young people, and care leavers."

It's not just a responsibility, but an opportunity for us to turn around and improve the life chances and outcomes for each and every one of our care experienced young people in Stirling.  It's an opportunity to make being in care a positive experience and gives young people the love, stability and safety which every child deserves.

We have the responsibility as a corporate parent to all children and young people who are care experienced in Stirling.  This responsibility may continue up to the age of 26 years.

What do we mean by care experienced?

While legislation still refers to looked after children we now use the word care experienced as young people tell us this is less stigmatising for them.  Care experienced refers to children and young people who:

  • are living at home with the birth parent(s) and/or other family members and who are subject to a supervision requirement made by a Children's hearing
  • are accommodated away from home, whether living with foster carers, kinship carers, in a private fostering arrangement, in residential homes, residential schools or secure units.

Children and young people may become care experienced for a number of reasons, however, most will have been affected by difficult experiences in their lives.  Many will have experienced abuse or neglect and may present difficult and challenging behaviour.  Some may also have a disability, complex needs or may be affected by the illness or death of a parent.  In all cases, we will take a level of parental responsibility from birth parents, as it is deemed that the child/young person will be better cared for and safer as a result.

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