Stirling Council and NHS Forth Valley jointly commission and support a range of mental health services from organisations in the local third voluntary sector.

The services provided are interventions designed to support people with diagnosed mental health problems in a “pathways to recovery” approach to their mental health: 

How to access services provided by these organisations

Individuals may self-refer to one of these organisations to support them in making improvements in their mental health.  Each organisation described below will apply their own service criteria for acceptance to work with the service and information will be shared with Health and Social Care colleagues who are responsible for monitoring and funding continued provision of services. 

Current services include:
  • a course of counselling
  • skills training
  • work experience
  • training and support to volunteer in the local community
  • participating in arts activities.
  • befriending
  • peer support
  • increased social opportunities
  • mutual support opportunities


To be eligible for the service someone must:

  • Normally reside in the Stirling area
  • Be aged between 18 and 65 years
  • Require support with varying mental health difficulties

How it works

The individual and the organisation will agree at an initial stage what sort of outcomes they can expect from the service provided.  The services are designed to be very practical and to contribute to confidence-building and social interaction to support them in their mental health recovery.

The services don't replace statutory mental health services, but support them in a way that should help the individuals to take control of their recovery.

After an agreed period of time, the individual and the organisation providing support, perhaps in conjunction with other mental health services, will review the individual's personal outcomes and support which may lead to:

  • a move to more independent activities; or
  • signposting to other, more appropriate services

The Officer Monitoring Group

We work with the NHS Community Mental Health Services to monitor the services delivered by these organisations to ensure the services are of good quality and successful in achieving results for the people using them. The Officer Monitoring Group has been established to do this.

Key members of the Officer Monitoring Group are team leaders in Stirling Council Social Care and NHS Community Mental Health Services.  Care managers and other mental health staff will link with them regarding services and service users.

The group meet regularly to monitor the services delivered to people and to support the providers in maintaining a high quality of service.

Staff from NHS Community Mental Health Services and Stirling Council maintain contact with the providers to offer support to the providers to ensure people’s mental health issues are addressed appropriately while they are using the third sector service.


If people meet the eligibility requirements for this service and there is availability within the third sector organisation then services are currently free at the point of referral.  Stirling Council and/or NHS Forth Valley pay for these services under contract with the providers. Please note that this may change in the future. Also, providers may ask service users to contribute to some costs e.g. teas and coffees, social activities organised within the groups being supported by the service.

Independent advice regarding these services

Stirling Users Network (StUN) is an organisation set up and run by people using mental health services. StUN is a service user-led organisation and it engages with both Stirling Council and the NHS in relation to services. StUN links with the Officer Monitoring Group on matters relating to service quality and service user feedback and consultations.

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