Mental Health Officers are appointed by Stirling Council to undertake certain duties in terms of current mental health legislation.

They are approved to carry out assessments under two main pieces of legislation:

Sometimes it's necessary for people with a severe or acute episode of mental disorder to receive the treatment they do not agree with.  A person can't be detained within a hospital without the consent of a Mental Health Officer.  In such circumstances, the officer will provide a person with information regarding the relevant legislation and facilitate independent representation, such as advocacy Services and/or legal representation.

More information about: The New Mental Health Act - what's it all about? - A short introduction

Our Mental Health Officers

Our Mental Health Officers are professionally qualified and registered social workers.  They have at least two years of experience and are trained in mental health issues and the law relating to those who have a mental disorder.  They must adhere to and follow both Stirling Council's Social Services policies and procedures and the Scottish Social Services Council's code of conduct as registered social workers.

Contributing to your care

There is no charge for the services of a Mental Health Officer.  However, there may be charges for other services that are provided after a care assessment or after a review of a person's care plan.  The amount you may be required to pay depends upon your financial circumstances.   Find out more about contributing to your care.

Access to Mental Health Officer Services

Our Mental Health Officers will respond to the calls that are received.  These calls are of an emergency nature whereby the officers will respond as quickly as possible following receipt of the call.  Calls come from a variety of people, including doctors or nurses and sometimes others who have concerns about someone's mental health and welfare.

Advocacy for social work clients

Forth Valley Advocacy provides independent information, support, advice and representation for social work clients.  This is to ensure your views and opinions are heard by agencies and professionals, empowering you to influence decisions which affect your life.

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