Care at home services could be to:

  • re-assess support needs
  • support a safe return home after a stay in hospital
  • arrange ongoing support

Requesting Care at Home services

If you want to request a Care at Home Service, you will to be referred.  You can do this by contact us to ask for a care assessment.  Referrals can be made by contacting us for a care assessment or by contacting your General Practitioner.

Assessing your care at home needs

We may work with a person to set specific goals throughout their assessment which may last up to 6 weeks.  During this time we will work to help them remain at home and reach their own personal outcomes to remain safe and independent.

We provide practical support.  For example, we can arrange for equipment to be fitted in an individual's home to help them with their everyday tasks.  We also suggest other services which may provide additional support and will refer for further assessment if required.

At the end of the assessment period, an individual's outcomes may include:
  • being independent without any requirement for further support
  • identified care needs which require ongoing support at home. If this is required, we will work with the individual, discuss options to arrange support through an external care agency.  The Self Directed Support brochure explains more about the options available.

Contributing to your care

During the assessment period for care at home, there will be no charge.  However, if an individual is assessed as requiring ongoing support, they will be charged in accordance with our Social Care charging policy.   Find out more about contributing to your care.


Our complaints procedure provides information about who to contact and how complaints will be addressed.

Crisis care - short term acute illness

If you, or someone you care for, has a short-term acute illness which has led to a deterioration in ability or you have experienced the illness or loss of an informal carer, we can provide crisis care for up to 72 hours.  If emergency support is required out-with office hours, please contact the out of hours emergency service.

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