Assuming you are eligible for Social Care support, you will have an assessment of need.

Your assessment

An assessment involves having a conversation about your life.  Discussing what is important to you as well as difficulties you might be facing.

The assessment involves bringing together your knowledge about your life, together with the knowledge of others who know you well or who already provide support to you.  The purpose of an assessment is to discover the way you want to live your life and any support you need to achieve that.

Our involvement

Someone from Social Services will be responsible for helping you to complete your assessment.  People from other services might also provide information, for example, a District Nurse or Occupational Therapist in contact with you.  The Social Services worker will always ask if you are happy for information to be shared between professionals.

The worker will ask about any care and support you get from carers.  Carers are your friends or family members who give you unpaid support.  With your agreement, they will be asked to offer their knowledge, their ideas and opinions.

Assessment structure

The aim is to reach an understanding of what is working well in your life and what needs to change.  There may be things you want to change or that are important for you to continue.  The kind of areas we might suggest a discussion on will include:

  • What's working well for you
  • How you currently look after yourself
  • Difficulties you might have been independent
  • Supports you currently receive
We will suggest you consider:
  • How you would like to live your life
  • What you would like to be able to do
  • What changes you would like to see in life
  • Kinds of support that might help you achieve your outcomes

We use the word "outcomes" to describe what you want to achieve with your life.  The assessment should support you to think about what difference achieving an outcome will make to your life.

As well as outcomes, your assessment will consider risk.  Risk is part of everyday life.  Your assessment will try to help you balance the reasonable risks everyone faces in daily life with the importance of staying safe and also being as independent as you can and having the quality of life you want.

After your assessment

If you are eligible for support from Social Services we will discuss the next stages with you.  This includes:

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