Update 8 November 2021

Do you or any of your family use the Stirling Council Mobile Emergency Care System (MECS)? 

We’ve introduced a new outbound number as part of a system upgrade.

As of today (Monday 8 November), 01977 808700 will be our new primary number for contacting you in the event of an emergency.

We will use 02076 080557 if traffic is too busy on the above number.

These numbers do not accept incoming calls but it’s important you recognise them as the Council as we’ll use them to call you in emergencies. Please save these numbers.

Our general enquires number has not changed. For all MECS related enquiries please continue to contact 01786 237783

How does it work?

A community alarm unit will be connected to an active telephone line in your home. The alarm can be activated by either pressing the button on the unit or the pendant. The pendant can be worn on a wrist strap or on a neck cord and is waterproof. The system uses a two-way speech device that is only active if an alert is sent. The unit will also be plugged into a wall socket that will need to be located near the telephone socket.

When the alarm activates, a signal is sent via the telephone line to our staffed 24-hour team. We will try to establish contact over the unit to determine the assistance that is required. If we are unable to make contact we will also try to call the premises. Please note that all activations will incur a call cost at your telephone provider’s rates.

Depending on the assistance that is required we have a number of ways that support is provided.

  • Contact a family member or friend (Volunteer responder)
  • Dispatch one of our trained responders
  • Contact your GP / NHS24 or emergency services
  • Provide reassurance over the unit or telephone

Telecare is available to any residents living in the Stirling Council area. Many different people benefit from the support telecare provides, including:

  • Older adults and the elderly
  • Someone living with Dementia or Alzheimer's disease
  • People with physical or learning disabilities
  • People with mobility problems
  • Relatives and informal carers

The following sensors are available and can be used in certain situations where a particular need has been identified. For enhanced Telecare equipment a further assessment would be carried out.

  • Pendant - Personal Pendant supplied with a standard community alarm installation (Standard Equipment).
  • Smoke Detector - For use where it has been identified that someone is at risk from fire, through cooking issues or smoking. Also beneficial where mobility or sensory impairment can restrict being able to exit a property (calls normally result in the deployment of the fire brigade)
  • Heat Detector - For use where it has been identified that someone is at risk from temperature extremes. Usually used in a kitchen to identify if a cooker has been left on
  • Flood Detector - Used to detect water spillage i.e. forgetting to turn taps off
  • Fall Detector – For use when mobilising around the house which activates if a fall is detected.
  • Bed Sensor - Used to detect when a service user gets out of bed during the night and fails to return after a specified period of time has elapsed.
  • Pressure Mat - Used for people with Dementia who may be at risk when getting out of bed during the night.
  • Pill Dispenser - Provides an effective solution to support medication compliance by automatically dispensing medication and providing audible and visual alerts as to each time medication should be taken
  • Door Contacts - For use when there is evidence of someone going out at inappropriate times e.g. during the night

The Telecare Team are accredited to Telecare Service Association (TSA) quality standards framework that ensures that we deliver a high quality telecare monitoring service. Robust systems and processes are in place to ensure that delivery is tailored to the needs of Telecare users to enable independence and choice.

As of April 2020, the Telecare service cost £3.10 a week and is billed every quarter (in arrears). If you have any questions about your bill please contact 01786 233913 or call 01786 404040 to make a payment.

Volunteer Responders provide vital support to the people who use the Stirling Council Telecare service and their input is very much valued and appreciated. We may ask a volunteer responder to attend where we are unable to contact the person or when they have asked for assistance. This could be day or night.

A Volunteer Responder is not being asked to replace the telecare responders, however with an ever-growing number of vulnerable people spread over city and rural areas local people may be able to provide assistance much quicker.

Essential requirements of a Volunteer Responder

  • Live and work within the local area and be able to respond within a maximum of 45 minutes
  • Physically able to attend and have the means to respond in a timely manner, for example, access to a vehicle or can walk to the property.
  • Agree to hold keys or use keys from a key safe to access the property.
  • Provide contact details and ensure they are kept up to date.
  • Inform us of any holidays to avoid any delays in service.

Tasks required of a Volunteer ResponderAgree to attend when asked by us. This may include during the night. Although you can advise of times you are not available to be contacted e.g. Not available during the day between 10:00 am and 16:00 pm.

On arrival at the property press the button on the alarm unit and tell us you have arrived.

Provide initial assistance, for example, ensure the person is comfortable and if necessary summon other appropriate help e.g. NHS24, Emergency Services or Telecare Responders. If required to do so, wait with the person until further help arrives.

Once you are ready to leave the property press the button on the alarm and tell us you are leaving and the outcome of your visit.


We are delighted to announce The Health & Social Care team in your area are currently working in partnership with the Trossachs Search and Rescue services who have offered to be volunteer responders for the TECS service in order to ensure a quicker response across the area.

Using the Trossachs Search & Rescue service as volunteer responders will provide a quicker response should the TECS team be out of the area at the time.  I want to reassure you and your family that all volunteers are members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme managed by Disclosure Scotland.  Volunteers are fully trained in all aspects of emergency services.

If you wish to opt-out of this service please call 01786 473041 or press your Mecs alarm to discuss this further.

For more information about the Trossachs Search and Rescue team please visit their website here.

A big thank you to the Trossachs Search and Rescue team!!

The Telecare team presented the Trossachs Search and Rescue with a hamper thanking them for being in partnership with Stirling Council for 1 year. The Trossachs Search and Rescue have been providing invaluable assistance to our Telecare clients needing assistance ranging from falls to general welfare checks. Nothing is ever an inconvenience to them no matter what time of night or morning we request their support. The Telecare team put the hamper together with some goodies to say thank you for everything they do.  It really is very much appreciated.



If you require an assessment of care and support or have concerns about any protection of any individual please call 01786 404040.

Housing – 01786 404040.

Telecare Office – For enquires about your service please contact 01786 237 783.

Reablement (Care at home) 01786 233 715.

Royal Voluntary Service - 01786 450 718.


Please read the Privacy Notice before completing the form.

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