People of all ages fall, but older people are at greater risk and more likely to experience serious injury resulting in loss of mobility and independence.  It is important to inform your General Practitioner or other Health/Social Care worker if you have fallen.

We're working with our colleagues at NHS Forth Valley to promote your independence and would like to work along-side you to reduce your risk of falling.

Here are some things you can do:
  • Move around when you can - using your muscles can help you to keep muscle strength that can reduce the risk of falls

  • Access community exercise classes, including walking programmes, OTAGO (strength and balance exercises) and Taichi

  • If you are having problems with balance or mobility, your General Practitioner can refer you to a physiotherapist for assessment
  • If you have a walking aid, use it at all times and keep it in good working order.  Replacement rubber stoppers (ferrules) can be accessed from your local physiotherapy department
  • Ensure you wear your glasses and hearing aids if you have them
  • Wear footwear when walking around indoors as walking in socks or barefoot can increase the risk of falling
  • Wear clothing which is comfortable and not too long
  • If you have a MECS pendant (worn either around your neck or on your wrist), then wear it at all times - this includes wearing it when having a bath or shower
  • Make sure you eat regularly and keep your fluid levels up - if you are having problems eating let a Health or Social Care worker know
  • Ensure good housekeeping - don't have things lying around which can cause a tripping hazard
  • Some medications can increase your risk of falls so contact your General Practitioner or Pharmacist if you are having problems with your medication or experience side effects (including dizziness/drowsiness)
  • Let someone know if you are feeling unwell or unsteady on your feet
  • Learn more about preventing a fall through training available at NHS Forth Valley's Falls Sense.
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Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:52 PM