Parking in Council estates

The following guidelines will help you to park in a better way to avoid inconvenience, nuisance and danger to other road users. The guidelines will also prevent you from receiving a fine(s) and facing legal action(s) as a result of inappropriate parking.


Please note: These are also applicable to your visitors.

Please ensure that you:
  • Do not block your neighbour's driveway or entrance to their private car park.
  • Park only in a designated parking area if you are parking on a street outside your home.
  • Do not park on any footpath or pavement, grass margin or a cycle lane.
  • Do not park within 15 metres before or 5 metres after a pedestrian crossing.
  • Do not park on double yellow lines, near a school entrance where there are yellow zigzag lines along the edge of the road.
  • Do not park within 5 metres of a road junction unless parking spaces are clearly marked.
  • Do not park at a corner, a bend, the brow of a hill or on a hump-back bridge.
  • Do not park at an area marked "BUS" at a bus stop or "TAXIS" at a taxi rank.
  • Do not park any large commercial vehicle, caravan, boat or mobile home on a regular basis on any public road or land owned by the council without written permission.
  • Do not use car parking areas, your driveway or any area near your home to carry out repairs to any vehicle.


Last updated: Friday, August 27, 2021 2:26 PM