Please note this consultation closed September 2018. See below for information.Developing Dunblane’s Community Parking Management Plan (CPMP)

We asked for your views on parking issues in Dunblane, to inform Dunblane’s Community Parking Management Plan (CPMP). We were interested in Dunblane's Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), which is the zone in the city where on-street parking is controlled (see also Stirling Council's Parking Policy for more information).

We held a public consultation, comprising of both an online and paper questionnaire, in the Victoria Hall on 11th September 2018, before the closure of the consultation period on 28th September 2018. We also commissioned an independent parking survey. Based on the views and opinions of those we consulted with, and on the evidence we gathered, we developed initial parking proposals for Dunblane. 

We presented our initial proposals to the Dunblane Parking Steering Group on 4th December 2018, and based on their feedback we comprehensively reviewed and revised the initial proposals for on- and off-street parking.

We then developed three further proposals which we presented to the Dunblane Parking Steering Group on 25th February 2019. We also held a public consultation in the Victoria Hall on 26th February 2019 and subsequently revised the parking proposals, based on the feedback that we had received, as well as further discussions with members of the Steering Group.

You can view the results of the Parking Survey here and a copy of the Consultation Report here.

We then presented the proposals to the Environment and Housing Committee meeting, which was held on 11th April 2019. The Committee approved the proposed Dunblane CPMP and authorised us to proceed with the associated Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) work to implement the first phase of the Dunblane CPMP.

There will be further opportunity for you to comment during the statutory three-week consultation on this Traffic Regulation Order. We will ensure that this consultation is also widely advertised.

Dunblane’s CPMP - Phase 1

You can use the following links to view an off-street parking plan and an on-street parking plan showing Phase 1 of Dunblane’s CPMP.

Phase 1 will consist of:

  • Introduction of 16 new bays in town centre: 
    • Lower Springfield car park - relocation of 2 disabled bays nearer to lift, removal of bollards and creation of minimum 5 additional bays.
    • 6 additional bays at wall beside Haining carpark.
    • Creation of 2 bays outside Millrow carpark through removing double yellow lines.
    • Creation of 1 additional parking bay near Co-Op on High St through removal of yellow lines.
    • Creation of 1 additional bay near library on High Street.
    • Creation of 1 additional bay on High Street near Smithy Loan junction.
  • Introduction of new pick up/drop off outside Dunblane Station.
  • Introduction of coach parking on Perth Rd.
  • Introduction of 2 new ticket machines in each of the Haining and Millrow (4 in total) to support introduction of chargeable parking tariff of £2 (7:00am – 8:30am).
  • Redesign of Perth Road to improve safety of cycle infrastructure and increase parking capacity.

What happens next?

Once Phase 1 has been introduced in Dunblane, we will continue to monitor it for a minimum of six months.

Need more information?

Further information can be found on the Parking Zones & Permits page, including how to apply for a parking permit.



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