Local transport strategy

How we chose to travel, along with the efficiency and how effective our transport networks are, affect not only our economy and environment, but also our ability to access services and our communities.

Each Scottish local authority is required to produce a Local Transport Strategy (LTS). Stirling's Local Transport Strategy sets out the Council's transport policies and programmes.

This supports the Council's and the Stirling Community Planning Partnership's economic, social and environmental objectives. Stirling's LTS also seeks to support national and regional transport strategies.

You can find more information on these strategies on the links below:

National – Click here

Regional – Click here  



Within Stirling, the Local Transport Strategy document sets out the Council's objectives.

To view Stirling’s strategy documents click on the following link:                              

           Stirling’s Local Transport Strategy 2017 – 2027

How the strategy is delivered is set out via several supporting plans. These can be found by clicking on any relevant link below:


Monitoring and Review



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