Review of Supplementary Guidance.

We are undertaking a review of all our Supplementary Guidance (SG) documents following the adoption of a new Local Development Plan in October 2018.

Supplementary Guidance documents support policies within the Local Development Plan by providing more detailed information. They are used in addition to the Local Development Plan to guide new development and assess planning applications made to the Council.

Supplementary Guidance on a range of different topics is being consolidated and updated as appropriate. In most cases the changes being proposed to each policy area are minor and it is simply a case of rolling forward the documents to the new plan.

Previous Consultation on Draft Supplementary Guidance

The draft SG documents below have previously been consulted on but have not yet been adopted.

SG - Transport and Access for New Development

SG - Developer Contributions

SG - Small Settlements

SG - Advertisements

The finalised versions noted above were approved by the Environment and Housing Committee at the meeting of 16 September 2021, and will be adopted as Supplementary Guidance in association with Stirling Local Development Plan 2018, subject to Scottish Ministers clearance.


Last updated: Thursday, September 23, 2021 11:27 AM