Supplementary Guidance

The purpose of Supplementary Guidance is to set out additional detail and provide information on how the Council will implement the policies of the Local Development Plan.

The following Supplementary Guidance has been adopted in support of the Stirling Local Development Plan 2018 and forms part of the development plan:

Housing in the Countryside and Design Guide (May 2020)

Flood Risk Management and the Water Environment (May 2020)

Housing in Multiple Occupation (December 2018)

Wind Energy Developments (February 2019).

Advertisements (November 2021)

Small Settlements (November 2021)

Transport and Access for New Development (November 2021)

Historic Environment (May 2019)

Chalets & Huts (May 2019)

Forestry & Woodland Strategy (May 2019)

The following masterplans, development frameworks and planning briefs have been adopted to guide the development of sites identified in the Local Development Plan. This also forms non-statutory supplementary planning guidance:

SG08A - Stirling's Major Growth Area - Durieshill

SG08B - City Centre Development Framework

SG08 - Argyll Centre Planning Brief

SG08 - Rainbow Slides Planning Brief

SG08 - Burghmuir Planning Brief

SG08 - Randolph Road Planning Brief

SG08 - Stirling Ice Rink Planning Brief

SG08 - South Stirling Gateway Masterplan    

SG08 - Kildean Development Framework

SG08 - Forthside Masterplan    

SG08 - Raploch Design Guide    

SG08 - Cornton Development Framework    

SG08 - Cultenhove Development Framework    

SG08 - Viewforth Masterplan

Previously adopted Supplementary Guidance

A suite of Supplementary Guidance was adopted in 2014 alongside the previous Stirling Local Development Plan. It is now non-statutory guidance until such time as it has been reviewed and adopted as part of the Stirling Local Development Plan 2018.

Link to: Supplementary Guidance 2014.

Review of Supplementary Guidance

The review of Supplementary Guidance is well underway. Full details of current and previous consultations, as well as a summary table of progress with the review, can be found here.

Link to: Review of Supplementary Guidance.

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