Following the passage of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland), Act 2014 into law on 13th March 2014 same-sex couples are welcome to marry in Scotland. Staff in all of the registration offices in the Stirling council area are excited to help plan and legalise your wedding regardless of gender.

Legal Process

The legal process preliminary to same-sex marriage is identical to that of any couple. Firstly we recommend that you contact one of our offices to discuss availability for a marriage ceremony once you and your partner have chosen a wedding date. Thereafter we can provide guidance on completing your marriage notices and submitting these, along with any required supporting documents, to one of our offices. The process is straightforward and our registrars are on hand to provide assistance throughout.

Conversion from a Civil Partnership

If you are in an existing civil partnership and desire to have this converted into a same-sex marriage we can offer a clear process to do so. The only complicating factor that affects how you may go about the conversion is where you and your partner entered into a civil partnership. The three main distinctions are civil partnerships made in - Scotland; England, Wales and Northern Ireland; or outside the United Kingdom. For each possibility please see below for further details.


If you entered into a civil partnership in Scotland you have the option of converting to marriage by either a ceremony or an administrative process.

  • The ceremony is conducted in the same way as any other civil marriage and includes the option of exchanging vows and rings in the presence of family and friends.
  • The administrative process involves attending our office for an appointment wherein your partnership is altered to marriage by completing documentation with the registrar.
  • Both options result in marriage in accordance with the law of Scotland.
England, Wales and Northern Ireland

If you entered into a civil partnership in England, Wales or Northern Ireland you may still pursue the conversion of your civil partnership into a marriage. However, this must be conducted by undertaking a full marriage ceremony and cannot be done through the administrative process outlined above.

  • Evidence of your civil partnership, namely a legal certificate issued afterwards, will also be required for the process to go ahead.
Outside the United Kingdom

If you entered into a civil partnership outside the UK you may still be able to apply for conversion to marriage. As the legalities vary by country we recommend contacting one of our offices to discuss this possibility with us so that we can provide the most accurate advice to suit your situation.

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