Helping young people to further learning, training and employment 

We aim to provide appropriate support to all young people to move forward to employment. We recognise that some young people, particularly those who are further from employment, require enhanced support and flexible pathways to help them get and keep a job that they enjoy.

Opportunities for All brings together a range of existing national and local policies and strategies as a single focus to improve young people’s sustained participation in post 16 learning, training and employment.

Through Opportunities for All, we work with national and local partners to ensure:
  • Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) Practice Model is used to identify strengths and needs to plan for post-16 transition earlier and more efficiently.
  • Learning and training routes suit each individual and enable progression onto sustained employment.
  • Learning is matches local, regional and national labour markets and contributes to local economic development.
  • Learning is appropriately accredited - everyone can get the qualifications they need.
  • Provision offered by colleges and partners pays particular attention to those at risk of disengaging after school and offers sustained progression.
  • Tracking and monitoring are supported by Skills Development Scotland but led by individual institutions improving data collection, collation and sharing.
  • Partners are working together to improve opportunities for all Stirling citizens aged 16-20 years.

The Stirling Local Employment Partnership (LEP) is taking forward the Employability Strategy for Stirling and Opportunities for All is a key priority within this.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:51 PM