The Employment of Children Byelaws is designed to protect young people under the school leaving age by ensuring that any employment that they may undertake is suitable, and the maximum number of hours that may be worked in any day or week.

How it works

Your child requires to submit an application within a week of starting employment. This form is also available in schools.

The application will require:
  • the child's name, address and date of birth
  • the name and address of the employer
  • the occupation and hours that the child proposes to work
  • A statement from the parent that the child is fit to undertake the work and that the parent approves
  • A signed statement from the employer that an appropriate risk assessment has been made

The application is submitted to the child's school for approval.

The headteacher or another representative of the senior management team requires to be satisfied that:
  • the employment is suitable for the child in terms of the bylaws and within the restriction on hours
  • the health, welfare or ability to take full advantage of his/her education would not be jeopardised
  • the child is fit to undertake the work for which he/she is to be employed

The headteacher or member of the SMT would issue a work permit where they were satisfied that the above requirements had been met. A copy of this permit should be held in the child's PPR and the issue of such a permit notified to the pastoral staff.

At any point, after issue, the Headteacher may revoke or amend a work permit where the child is being employed unlawfully or they believe that the child's health, welfare or education is suffering as a result of the employment.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:51 PM