Where home to school transport is provided by private contact buses or taxis, there are sometimes additional spaces available on these vehicles after all free transport has been allocated. We allocate these spaces through our Privilege Pass Scheme.

If your child is not entitled to free school transport, you may be able to apply for a Privilege Pass. This is a concessionary space that may be granted after we have first met the needs of all children who are entitled to free school transport.

Applications for Privilege Passes for session 2020/21 are now open. Our Privilege Pass leaflet has been updated to reflect recent changes in legislation. Please note our criteria for awarding Privilege Passes has also been changed to accommodate this change in legislation.

Applications are usually open between 1 and 31 May, with any applications received after 31 May dealt with on a case by case basis. For this year only applications will be open until 15 July.

Please note that there are currently no Privilege Pass spaces available for St Modan’s High School for 2020/21, as all of the Stirling Council vehicles serving St Modan’s High School routes are full. If this situation changes during the course of the academic year, parents will be informed.

All children who travel on council provided school transport are required to adhere to the Pupil Acceptable Standards Statement (PASS). This scheme details the rights and responsibilities of children using the provided services.

Failure to adhere to PASS may result in the withdrawal of entitlement to transport services.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:56 PM