We are committed to the inclusion of gypsy and traveller children and young people in early years’ establishments, primary and secondary schools and will support parents in providing this, whilst taking full account of the specific needs of the gypsy and traveller culture.

Whether settled, semi-sedentary or highly mobile, children may face interruptions and a lack of continuity to their education and may need support to overcome barriers to their learning.

The ASN Outreach Service has a specialised gypsy and traveller teacher with knowledge and experience of working with children from gypsy and traveller communities.     

Support can include:

  • The link between families and schools.
  • Working with schools to negotiate flexible access to schools.
  • Meeting with parents in school or home visits.
  • Working directly with children or young people.
  • Supporting staff groups.

The term 'gypsy/travellers' refers to distinct groups, such as Roma, Romany Gypsies, Scottish and Irish Travellers, who consider the travelling lifestyle part of their ethnic identity.

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:56 PM