Garages are for the sole use of cars and checks will be carried out. We are currently carrying out a review of garages and pitches. A published policy will be made available once this is finalised.

Garage payments can be made through direct debit. If you wish to use this method of payment, please complete and attach this form to your application. 

See Parking and Garages for more information regarding garage and pitch site application.

2022/23 Garage/Lock Up and Pitch Site Rent Charges (effective 5 April 2022)
Garage (per week)
Hard Pitch Site (per annum)
Soft Pitch Site (per annum)
Council Tenant  £7.85 £111.52 £55.76
Council Tenant (Concessionary rate) £3.92 £55.76 £27.86
Non-Council Tenant £9.42 £133.80 £66.96
Non-Council Tenant (Concessionary rate) £4.70 £66.96 £33.36



Last updated: Friday, March 11, 2022 11:38 AM