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Changes to the Council's Housing Allocations Policy

We recently reviewed our housing allocations policy and are now in the process of changing the way we allocate Council properties. We expect to start allocating properties using our new Housing Allocations Policy within the next few months. We will write to everyone on our housing list when we switch to the new policy and will let people know about this on our website and on our social media accounts.

As part of our review process, we wrote to all of our tenants and applicants for housing asking for their views on how we allocate properties, and also held 5 local community events across the Stirling Council area. We received 1,155 responses to our consultation and these helped to shape the changes we are. A report on the responses we received to the consultation, and how we are acting on these, can be found Here.

New Information NeededThe new housing allocations policy makes changes to the way that we allocate Council housing and we don’t currently hold some of the information we need to properly assess applications. Due to this, we are in the process of writing to everyone on our waiting list to ask for the extra information that we need.

You can also tell us this information by Downloading the form, completing all sections and sending it to us at Please make sure that you put your application reference number on the form before sending it back to us. Information to help complete the section on Social Inclusion points is available Here and you can also download our Frequently Asked Questions document for further information.

Council Housing AllocationsWe allocate properties in line with the current Allocations Policy. The allocation of these properties is based on housing need, with everyone applying for housing being awarded points depending on their circumstances. Our applicants guide gives more information on the circumstances that we will award points for

How do I apply for a Council House?

All applicants for Council Housing, or existing tenants who wish to transfer to another property, must complete the Housing Application Form. We also have an Applicant's Guide to help you fill in this form.

How long do I have to wait before I'm offered a Council property?

The length of time you will wait for Council Housing depends on your choice of housing, such as the size of house you need, the type of house you want, and the area you want to move to. The more choices you include, the sooner you are likely to be offered a house. Your local Housing Office will give you more information about your own particular application.

How many offers of housing can be made?

For homeless applicants, the Council will make two reasonable offers of housing. Homeless applicants will have the right of appeal if they do not believe a particular offer is reasonable.

For all other applicants, there will be no limit to the number of offers of housing an applicant can refuse. However, where an applicant has refused offers of housing we will offer a housing counselling interview to ensure that their original application and the area choices picked are still correct.

How many points are needed for particular house types or area?

Every application is placed on the waiting list in point order. The number of points needed will be different from one area and house type to another.

What happens once I have submitted my housing application form?

We will assess your level of need for new housing and decide how many points you have. We will then write to you letting you know. If you wish to amend your housing application please complete the attached amendment form

What impact does a change in my circumstances or a move to a different address have on where I am in the housing list?

It is important that you notify us immediately if there is a change in your circumstances. This will allow us to reassess your points levels and your relative priority on the housing list.

Who can apply for Council Housing?

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for council housing.

Can I state a preference for a particular house?

Yes, we can record your interest in a particular house, but unless you are at the top of the waiting list, we won't be able to offer you the house. If you are already in a council property, you could try for a mutual exchange with the people who are in the house that you like.

Do I have a choice of the area?

There is no limit to the number of areas an applicant can ask to be considered for housing in. 

What size of council house can I apply for?

You may request accommodation which is smaller or larger than that for which you would be assessed by the Council, providing overcrowding does not occur.

How can I move to another Council House?

If you want to move to another council house, you can apply for a mutual exchange, where you swap properties with someone else, or you can re-apply for the housing waiting list. If you wish to apply for a mutual exchange please complete the Mutual Exchange Application Form.

We have joined Homeswapper, which is a mutual exchange matching website. Stirling Council tenants can now register with Homeswapper free of charge and get information about tenants in the Stirling area who want to swap houses as well as details of people wanting to move here from outside the area. Please note that written permission is required prior to an exchange taking place.

How does the housing points system work?

The Council's points system is based on need. Points are awarded for many different things such as overcrowding and medical priority.

Under what circumstances would I be eligible for extra housing points?

Points are awarded for need, such as overcrowding or medical requirements. If your circumstances change, tell your local Housing Office, and they will recalculate your points accordingly.

What sort of things can I get extra housing points for?

You can get extra housing points for such things as medical reasons and overcrowding. Contact your local housing office for more detailed information.

Will I get medical points priority?

If you complete a Medical Priority Form, it will be assessed by an independent medical specialist, who will decide whether or not you are entitled to extra medical points. There are two medical priority forms. Medical Form 1 is for your housing details and Medical Form 2 is for the medical condition of the applicant. Help is available in the Application for Medical Priority Guidance.

Will I get overcrowding points?

You will get points on the basis of how many extra bedrooms your family needs. This depends on the ages and sex of everyone in your household.

Will I get points for being homeless?

You will be allocated priority need for housing, but if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, you should contact the Homelessness Team immediately for advice and assistance.

Will I get points for substandard housing?

If you are assessed and then identified as living in "non-tolerable accommodation" you will be entitled to additional points.

If two people with a tenancy each apply for one tenancy, do their points get added together?

If you are a Council tenant and you wish to move into a house along with another Council tenant, you will not be awarded any extra points if you both give up your tenancies.

Last updated: Monday, April 12, 2021 12:55 PM