Please provide details of all changes to you or your partner's circumstances since your last application

Moving Address
  • The start date of your new tenancy if you are renting your home
  • The actual date you moved in if different
  • Your lease if you are renting from a Private Landlord 
Coming off Universal Credit or another DWP benefit
  • Proof of your new income e.g. payslips, a letter from DWP about other benefits and allowances
  • Name and address of employer if working
  • Number of hours worked
  • Child and Working Tax Credit letters from Revenue and Customs
  • Proof of Child Benefit if it applies
  • Proof of Child Care payments if it applies
  • Maintenance payments if received
  • Two recent full bank statements
  • Details and proof of any other savings or property that you own (not the home you live in) 
Changes to Income or Capital
  • Proof of new wages e.g. new payslips, a letter from DWP
  • Recent bank statements or advice notices 
Someone moving into the household
  • Their name, date of birth, and previous address
  • Their National Insurance Number and proof of all of their income 
Someone leaving the household
  • Their forwarding address 
Any other change e.g. forming a civil partnership, becoming a joint owner or tenant
  • Please provide details and proof

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:58 PM