Stirling Council aims to provide excellent public service, and is committed to a culture of honesty, integrity, and propriety. We do not tolerate fraud, corruption, bribery, or other irregular practices. We will seek to ensure that fraud is prevented wherever possible and where detected, it will be thoroughly investigated, overpayments recovered, and consideration given to all civil and criminal disposal options.


The Council has a specialist Counter Fraud Team that will look into allegations of fraud and irregularities. Fraud within the public sector costs the taxpayer billions of pounds each year and we are committed to a zero tolerance of fraud against the council, its partners, contractors and the community we serve.


We investigate fraud in the following areas:


How to Report Fraud

If you believe that someone is fraudulently claiming Council Tax Reduction, Council Tax Exemptions (i.e single person discount, empty property discount), Blue Badge, committing  Tenancy Fraud or any other type of fraud then please contact us  using the contact form on the right of the page or you can report this by using the Online Referral Form



Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:51 PM