Stirling Plan (Local Outcomes, Improvement Plan)

Community Planning is local public services working together with local communities and voluntary organisations to plan and deliver services that tackle poverty and inequalities in the Stirling Council area.

By working together, partners in the Stirling Community Planning Partnership can share knowledge and skills, and better share and target pooled resources to make the biggest impact. 

The Stirling Plan (LOIP) sets out the common vision and outcomes that Stirling CPP is working to achieve. 

The Stirling's Plan vision is for every community in the Council area to be places where everyone can thrive.

Delivering action on this vision is targeted via eight Locality Action Plans which are focused on those communities where inequalities are the most severe.

The Community Planning Partnership reports annually on its progress. 

Stirling Council Business Plan

The Council is committed to improving the lives of everyone who lives, works and visits the Stirling Council area through its Key Priorities. The Business Plan is reviewed annually and progress on the delivery of the key priorities is reported to Council or relevant Committee and is a key part of the Council's public performance reporting.

10 Year Strategy: Thriving StirlingThriving Stirling provides a blue print for how the Council plans to transform its services over the next decade, setting out the context for change and how the local authority aims to deliver on it. 
Budget Planning

As part of the Council's Budget Planning process each year, we engage with communities when looking at transformational options to reshape the provision of Council services. More Information on Council Budget Planning is available here. 

Participatory Budgeting 

Stirling Council is embarking on a new form of democracy - Participatory Budgeting.

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is about local people having a direct say in how to spend part of a public budget. More information is available on our Your Stirling You Decide page.

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