Getting Involved in your Community Council

Approximately every four years people who are interested in improving their communities are asked to come forward as Community Councillors to represent that community's views and work with others to improve their area.

The last Community Council elections took place in 2018 and the next full elections will take place in 2023 following local elections.

To be a Community Councillor you need to be:

  • over 16 years of age; and
  • on the electoral register for the area you wish to represent; and
  • living in the Community Council area you wish to represent.

Nominees need a proposer and seconder who both must be on the electoral register and live in the same Community Council area.

Boundary maps

2018/19 Candidate pack & nomination form

2019 Community Council Follow Up Elections         

Community Council Follow-up Election 2019 Results

Community Council Ballot 2019 Results

2018 Community Council Elections

Community Council Election 2018 Results

Community Council Ballot 2018 Results


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