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myStirling puts you in control of what information you receive and when you receive it.

This is the part of the site where you can subscribe for alerts and updates and view information personalised for you. 

Save your address so you receive relevant information.

Save your mobile phone number and email address to receive texts and emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The choice is yours.


You only need to register once. Then, just log in and tailor myStirling to what you want. Join over 20,000 others who have already registered!

Things you can do with your account

Roadworks (planned or emergencies)

Subscribe to receive roadwork update emails in your area.

Your nearest

Your nearest bus stops, car parks, nurseries, primary schools, high schools, libraries, local offices, pharmacies, police stations, recycling centres, salt bins, etc.

Disruptions and Closures

Sign up and choose to find out information about a school or facility closures, road disruptions, severe weather warning and more.

For all current updates on COVID-19 please see our dedicated Webpage. 

Events calendar

Contact us and we can allow you to add your local events to our calendar. Or sign up to have events sent to you via email or SMS.

Requesting a housing repair

Council tenants with housing issues (such as a leaky tap) can easily book these repairs online.

Subscribe to alerts, news and events

Stay up to date with disruptions and facility closures in the Stirling area via SMS or email. You can also subscribe to receive emails for upcoming events as well as news.

Your Councillor

Save your address and find everything you want to know about your councillors in one click.