Planning permission for a new access road at Murrayshall Quarry was refused at a special meeting of Stirling Council’s Planning and Regulation Panel on Thursday, 23 July.
Planning permission rejected

The application sought the construction of a new access track from Polmaise Road to the south eastern corner of the quarry.

It also included the creation of settlement ponds along the new track, soil bunds, a public car park and a segregated woodland footpath running parallel to Polmaise Road. 

Elected members refused the application for the following reasons:

  • Noise will increase and air quality will decrease from the development, having a significant residential impact that will be unacceptable for a rural area frequently visited by residents and users of the existing path
  • The increased volume of general traffic using the road will increase traffic using the road to the south, presenting road safety concerns
  • The extent of tree loss is significant in the context of preserving an ancient woodland, contrary to policy 10.1 of the local development plan.

The other item considered by the panel was the demolition of an existing house and erection of two buildings each containing two self-contained flats at 2 Milndavie Road, Strathblane.

Councillors approved the application subject to a number of conditions, including a programme of archaeological works, a realigned wall, a properly designed waste collection point, new planting proposals and an energy use assessment

The reports and conditions for both applications can be downloaded as a PDF.

A recording of the meeting is also available to view on the Stirling Council YouTube page