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Raploch residents hit the streets to celebrate new road safety features

Thursday 20 February 2020
Residents hit the streets of Raploch today (February 20th) to celebrate the installation of new community-led road safety features.
Street safety measures

The temporary safety measures at the junction of Raploch Road and Huntly Crescent will help make the area work better for people, enhance place quality and also make it easier for walking, wheeling and cycling.

The low-tech interventions are part of the Raploch Street Design project and were funded by Sustrans, who have led this project, and installed by Stirling Council.

Raploch Street Design

Raploch Street Design is the first phase of the wider Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling project, and was an intensive co-design process which received more than 600 comments and reached over 2000 people in the Raploch area.

The final designs have been handed over to Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling for delivery as part of the wider project, but ahead of them being implemented these temporary interventions have been developed.

Community-led safety features

Convenor of the Environment and Housing Committee, Councillor Jim Thomson, said: “These temporary changes are aiming to address some of the problems the community have told us about, such as speeding traffic turning into and out of Huntly Crescent.

“These interventions will improve the sense of safety felt by residents and pedestrians right now, in advance of later construction work to deliver the entire Raploch Street Design project.

“This project will be a ‘Vision Generator’ for other communities, showing that streets can change with relatively simple solutions and that local people can directly influence how their neighbourhood works.”

Temporary Interventions

The temporary interventions are intended to:

- Slow down vehicles as they enter and exit Huntly Crescent onto Raploch Road by putting in a rubber kerb line to tighten the bend to encourage traffic to slow down.

- Make it easier for pedestrian and people with restricted mobility to cross Huntly Crescent by installing drop kerbs and highlighting where people regularly cross at Huntly Crescent with contrasting paint.

- Refresh an existing green space.

- Slow down vehicles travelling on Raploch Road with bolt down cycle and bus friendly speed cushions.

Low cost solutions

Vice Convenor, Councillor Danny Gibson, said: “In partnership with the local community and Sustrans we have installed low cost, simple interventions that will help to slow down vehicles, improve safety and encourage more walking and cycling for local journeys.

“This project has benefited from community events, walking audits with different vulnerable groups, and workshopping ideas with people of all ages, which has all helped feed into both these temporary intervention works and the overall Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling designs.”