Ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend, Stirling Council would like to remind everyone about the importance of continuing to adhere to the latest national guidance and Scottish Government Regulations on the COVID-19 pandemic.
Stirling Council Coronavirus Update

To protect yourself and others:

Absolutely essential

Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Scott Farmer said: “I would like to thank communities across Stirling for complying with the national restrictions and guidance so far during this unprecedented national emergency.

“We understand how difficult these measures are for everyone, but it’s absolutely essential that we continue to follow them to help save lives and prevail in the battle against this disease.

“With good weather forecast over the long weekend, please resist the temptation to go outside and to travel unless it’s for an essential reason. By doing that, you will help us return to normality as soon as possible.”  

Patience and support

Stirling Council Depute Leader, Cllr Danny Gibson said: “These guidelines and Government legislation are in force because there is a serious and imminent risk to public health – please don’t go out during the Bank Holiday weekend and adhere to the restrictions in place.

“Our battle with this virus is a huge community effort involving our health and social care workers, our frontline staff and you – by staying at home and following the national guidance you are playing a crucial role in this fight.

“We will continue to focus our efforts in delivering critical services and supporting those most in need, and we appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time.”

More information:

The NHS Inform website is producing regularly updated guidance on COVID-19 and we would recommend  this as  the best resource for  the latest information and advice.

For  the latest Council updates, service disruptions and community support measures in place, head to this dedicated page on the Stirling Council website.

Residents in need of care, essential supplies or support can contact 01786 404040 and have their requirements formally recorded by Stirling Council’s community response teams. You can also fill in our Support for People online form.