We are offering a reduced menu to all pupils from Wednesday 12 August 2020 until guidance is updated by the Scottish Government.

Lunch Arrangements - Pre Order

Within all Primary Schools a reduced menu will operate with a choice of sandwich/
wrap/roll etc. Lunches will be pre-ordered as usual within classrooms and a breakdown of what is required per class is then sent to the Catering Supervisor where the team will then make up the bags as per selection. All bags will be delivered to each classroom by a member of the Catering team where they will be left for the teacher/SLA to distribute out. When the children have finished with their food bags a member of the Catering team will clear away all the rubbish and sanitise desks ready for children to return.

Parents should continue to pay for lunches as usual through Parent Pay or school office. Should any child require a medically prescribed diet then the parent should contact the Headteacher to set up a meeting to discuss the diet requirements.

Local arrangements need to be made between the headteacher and catering supervisor to develop a system that works for that setting.

For the weeks beginning 17 August, 24 August, and 31 August 2020 the limited menu options can be viewed here.

Lunch Arrangements - Pre Order

In secondary schools there is currently a pre-order kiosk where pupils can order lunch and select from a number of individually priced items.

We are currently in the process of upgrading the pre-order system and expect to have a pre-order app for mobile phones available in August 2020 so that pupils will be able to place their lunch order from their phone.

Free school meal entitlement (FSM) in the secondary is £2.40 and a selection of individually priced sandwiches, wraps, rolls, fresh fruit, cold drinks, yoghurt and some hot selection form the Deli bars and main counters.

For the weeks beginning 17 August, 24 August, and 31 August 2020 the limited menu options can be viewed here.

Where a child or young person has an allergy or requires a specific diet, this can be catered for in most circumstances however, this must be communicated clearly to the Catering Supervisor, discussed and a clear plan agreed. Full allergen assessment information will be available at every school kitchen. Special diet policy must be followed at all times and documentation completed by parents.

Breakfast clubs are on hold for the moment and this will be reviewed once schools are back. 

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