Scotland's First National Position Statement on Transitions

The statement highlights the importance of planning for and managing transitions effectively and positively, particularly into primary school.

It emphasises that transitions should be regarded as a tremendous opportunity as opposed to being something difficult which children have to get through and that the whole family be involved in transition activity as parents and families go through the transition as well as the child.


The Scottish Early Childhood, Children and Families Transitions Position Statement is informed by a shared understanding of the importance of transitions and the need to address the impact of transitions in children’s lives. We share the idea that a shared agenda for action will afford the best possible start in new settings and therefore aims:

  • to look at the opportunities, expectations and aspirations of early educators, children and families at times of transition;
  • to understand children’s learning journeys, attainment and learning outcomes and the contribution of positive transitions;
  • to consider children’s entitlements at times of transition;
  • to interrogate the extent to which early years transitions and transitions to school provide for the participation of child, family and professional together;
  • to reflect on beliefs and practices around transitions, the contributions children and families can make and to ensure transitions leadership in the system.

  • Scottish Early Childhood & Families Transition Position Statement Summary

Last updated: Tuesday, August 10, 2021 3:02 PM