Improving and investing in the region’s transport infrastructure to improve physical connectivity across the region is a key and integral part of the City Region Deal and will support us to deliver our vision of inclusive economic growth for people of all ages.

The River Forth is an important, yet underutilised, asset to the city region. The City Region Deal will help unlock the exciting opportunities offered by the river in travel, leisure, physical activity, sport and tourism.

These opportunities will benefit the city region through social innovation, health and wellbeing opportunities, pathways to employment and the diversification of tourism.

Active Travel Routes

Through the City Region Deal, the Scottish Government will invest up to £7 million in new and improved Active Travel projects. This funding will improve regional connectivity between both
local authority areas, focussing on linking central and rural communities as well as tourism related opportunities. This funding will be matched through partner investment or other
external capital funding opportunities.

At the core of this is development and delivery of active travel projects which improve travel times, promote leisure and tourist industries and provide our communities with improved
connectivity to employment and education as well as improving health and wellbeing in the region. These proposals will deliver a transformative impact on the economy, delivering positive benefits to the places and people of the region, centred upon inclusive growth.

To consider and progress strategic transport interventions and investments, Stirling Council and Clackmannanshire Council have established with Transport Scotland (and other partners)
a Regional Transport Working Group. This is primarily in support of the on-going national Strategic Transport Projects Review but will also be a mechanism to work with key partners such as SUSTRANS to progress Active Travel projects within the City Region Deal.

Stirling Council and Clackmannanshire Council have both developed Active Travel Action Plans and a coordinated approach will be taken to prioritising, projects in an equitable, transparent
and considered manner to maximise inclusive growth outcomes in line with the wider deal ambitions.

The Regional Transport Working Group will explore plans to deliver the Manor Powis link, which will enable many of the residents of Clackmannanshire to walk or cycle to Stirling city centre via dedicated cycle routes. This will increase access to bus and railway stations in Stirling and the tourism, leisure and retail economies within the local area.

There are also opportunities to strengthen connectivity within Clackmannanshire for the Hillfoots villages (Tillicoultry – Alva) linking on to Stirling via the Manor Powis link.

Walk Cycle Live Stirling

The City Region Deal partners have agreed to allocate the first tranche of Active Travel capital funding to the Walk Cycle Live Stirling project (subject to business case approval). This project
requires a total of £7.29 million of capital investment of which £2.54 million will come from the City Region Deal.

Walk Cycle Live Stirling will create two high quality walking and cycling routes from Stirling city centre to Forth Valley College (Stirling Campus) and to The University of Stirling with targeted
place-making installations along the route and attention to accessibility. This will be accompanied by a programme of Smarter Choice measures to encourage and support the use of these routes. Delivery of this project will be supported by the creation of apprenticeships.

Energy Master Planning

Supporting the region’s vision for a strategic whole systems approach to energy, the Scottish Government will support (with investment of up to £200,000) the development of a regional
energy masterplan. This will be developed in close consultation with the Scottish Government to identify opportunities with clear economic potential building on previous work. The
Scottish Government will be invited to approve the final scope of works for the masterplan ahead of any invitation to tender.