• Subject to agreement of a programme business case, the Scottish Government will be investing up to £1.9 million to enable partners to deliver a Regional Skills and Inclusion Programme. The programme will help harness the opportunities offered by the City Region Deal in order to promote equality, address inequality and maximise the economic benefits it offers to the residents of the city region. In doing so employers providing fair work opportunities will have access to a well prepared and well-skilled pool of labour. The Programme consists of two complementary projects:

  • Flexible Skills Delivery

  • Inclusion and Investment Fund

  • The Regional Skills and Inclusion Programme will target those excluded from the job market and influence the regional skills and employability ecosystem in a structured response to the opportunities and changes within the local labour market as a direct result of the Deal and its labour market legacy.

  • Our ambition goes far beyond that which can be delivered through the funding allocated to the Deal. The Deal projects seek to transform the regional economy and along with our partners, we will respond strategically to this and shape our Regional Skills and Inclusion offer over the life of the Deal and beyond.

  • The Skills and Inclusion work will complement existing skills, employability and barrier removal provision including Fair Start Scotland and European Social Fund Employability Pipeline and will involve strong working relationships with partners already operating within the region to avoid duplication and maximise the impact for individuals and families.

Flexible Skills

  • Strategic projects receiving £1.15 million of investment from the Deal will be supported to identify how they can maximise the skills outcomes within the lifetime of the project. Entry routes and skills pathways that connect to specific labour markets stimulated by the capital programme for example; innovation, digital, tourism, construction, energy and transport will be analysed to inform the approach. 

  • Using an evidence based approach to skills and inclusion, funding will be targeted to deliver strong local pathways specifically for those facing exclusion and to provide wider opportunities for learning from early years upwards. 600 people from the region will be supported through this investment.

  • Beyond the funded activity, the Skills Pathways Plans will be used to stimulate and influence the regional economic partnership in its consideration of how the Deal will transform the local economy. In doing so, this will inform future developments in curricula in our schools, college and the University and how we can best utilise National Training Programmes.  This investment area will support strategic projects that will (in addition to the activities outlined below) complete Inclusive Growth Assessments and identify high level actions, outputs and outcomes that will support inclusive growth.  In addition, assessments will be carried out to identify where projects contribute to local and national performance frameworks and the global ambitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Inclusion and Investment Fund

To complement the work of the Flexible Skills Programme, £400k will be invested in Inclusion and Investment. A team of Inclusion Workers will provide tailored employability support to
245 individuals and groups of excluded members of the community throughout the region to improve engagement with regional opportunities.

An investment fund will act as an enabler to participants of the inclusion programme, allowing them to be supported to access to opportunities through the removal of barriers such as
transport, childcare and accredited training.

Clackmannanshire Lone Parent Programme

Additional funding of up to £100k from UK Government will enable us to build on the work of the Clackmannanshire Local Outcomes Improvement Plan strengthening our inclusion offer. It
will enable us to work with 100 lone parents, an identified target group, through delivery of targeted pre-employability support to people in Alloa South & East. This fund will flow from
the Department of Work and Pensions to Clackmannanshire Council.