There is an urgent and critical requirement to transform the relationship between environmental management and business in order that the protection and enhancement of
natural resources becomes a driver of clean, inclusive growth. This can only be achieved through:

  • Adopting new collaborative approaches
  • Co-producing novel strategies and business models
  • Identifying and delivering solutions through innovation and enterprise

Through the £17 million Scottish Government and £5 million UK Government investment, this need will be met by the creation and development of Scotland’s International Environment
Centre, led by the University of Stirling, working in strategic partnership with Clackmannanshire Council and Forth Valley College.

The region is ideally placed to be the home of Scotland’s International Environment Centre. The University of Stirling is world leading in interdisciplinary research and education in the
areas of conservation, environmental protection, environmental change, food security and heritage with key expertise in the exploitation of next generation technologies, including satellite platforms for earth observation, in-situ sensor development, micro-scale analytical technologies for the geosciences, biotechnology, digital technologies and big data.

With its central location and excellent national and international communications, Scotland’s International Environment Centre will provide a hub and environmental governance crucible
that delivers national capability. It will bring together scientists, practitioners, policy makers and business in a Research and Policy Centre, along with state-of-the-art research, business
incubation, education and training facilities in a large-scale innovation campus and wider business park in Alloa, Clackmannanshire.

Working with strategic partners, enhancement of the natural environment through the development of a restored Wetlands habitat in Clackmannanshire will be delivered. This will
create a living laboratory, training facility and community amenity on the River Forth.

An early action from the work to create the International Environment Centre will be the creation of a roadmap for the collective action required to achieve a Net Zero Forth Valley
Region within the 10 year period of the deal and lead and facilitate the delivery of this ambition.