Over 10 years, the UK and Scottish Governments will commit £39 million to support the development of two key innovation initiatives which will each focus on the following

  • Technology: creating a world-leading research capability providing a pipeline of new technologies and services;
  • Knowledge exchange: facilitating the adoption of new technologies and services by industry through a structured programme of business engagement;
  • Enterprise: generating a community of new high-growth start up and scale-up companies, and support equity investment;
  • Collaboration: create strategic added value by building collaboration between industry, policy makers, regulators and researchers;
  • Inclusion: deliver targeted, inclusive skills, employability and enterprise programmes to facilitate access to higher value work for all;
  • Sustainability: increasing productivity and output and drive clean, inclusive growth.

The University of Stirling intends to develop the National Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Hub and Scotland’s International Environment Centre in a synergistic fashion, to
realise maximum added value from the total investment. World leading technology solutions will be developed by placing sustainable, inclusive business development and support at the heart of both of these ambitious projects. By creating specialised and collaborative business communities within the heart of the region we will grow our economy and strengthen our
regional supply chains.

These ambitious strategic projects will transform the local economy through local job creation and strong regional supply chains, tackle low job density and increase the skilled labour
demands within the area. Both will provide robust skills pathways for our communities to access with inclusion support in place in order to:

  • fulfil the increased demand for a diverse range of skilled workers within the region; and
  • share the unlocked opportunities and prosperity with individuals or groups who are excluded from the current labour market.