Ministry of Defence Land at Forthside

The Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal will see major investment in the eastern area of Forthside, providing the opportunity to unlock a substantial area of highly accessible land for a mix of housing and commercial development.

The UK Government will use the opportunity represented by the Defence Estate Optimisation Programme to release land at Forthside for development, working with Stirling Council to
align the site with their housing and business plans exploring joint ventures and other development vehicles. The UK Government/MoD will transfer title to the Stirling MoD Forthside site to Stirling Council in 2022. The estimated value of the land is £5 million as stated in the Heads of Terms. This is an indicative value which will be subject to a final valuation assessment and development business case. Stirling Council will not be liable to contribute to the value of the land should the value exceed the indicative £5 million value as stated in the Heads of Terms agreement.

At point of transfer, the site will have been surveyed and cleansed of any dangerous contaminants7 by the MOD, with the buildings and infrastructural elements being handed over
on a ‘current condition’ basis. Opportunities will continue to be explored to support early release of any or all of the site.

Stirling Council will seek to explore partnership opportunities to clear and develop the site to its maximum potential in line with an updated masterplan that will see the Ministry Of Defence site, and its infrastructure development, integrate with the wider Forthside environment.