Our region has the opportunity to transform our Digital business offer through the City Region Deal. By creating a strong Digital District in the heart of Stirling and Regional Digital Hubs in
Callander, Cowie and across Clackmannanshire we will deliver an inclusive offer with digital innovation and inclusion at the centre.

Stirling Digital Hub

The Scottish Government will invest up to £2 million to deliver a new Digital Hub in Stirling and Regional Digital Hubs across the region which will build upon the recent local successes in this sector and enable further growth of local digital companies.

Further investment in our digital and property infrastructure is required to enable our existing assets to come together and create conditions for growth throughout the region. The growth
of the sector is vital to safeguard our economy against the challenges posed by our current economic make-up.

New high quality business space will allow companies in the digital sector to start up and grow locally creating new and exciting job opportunities across the region.

The Stirling Digital Hub will provide additional space for businesses and individuals to work at the heart of the City. It will also widen its use to host conferences, learning events, digital art
exhibitions and performances.

Future growth of our economy will increasingly depend on the success of our digital sector and the skills needed for these businesses to innovate locally. The Stirling Digital Hub will
create an educational eco-system with digital skills and inclusion at its heart.

Links to our schools, college and university will introduce young people to the opportunities in this expanding sector. Strong regional skills pathways will be developed to ensure that our
most excluded communities can access a streamlined educational journey and inclusion support to realise their potential within this sector.

Regional Digital Hubs

The Scottish Government will invest up to a further £2 million to ensure the roll out of training and business development in the digital sector through a programme of Regional Digital Hubs.

Sites for the new digital hubs include the redevelopment of St Kessogs in Callander, construction of a new hub in Cowie and establishment of hubs in Clackmannanshire. These
hubs will ensure that the inclusive benefits of strong digital infrastructure and skills are spread to all parts of the region.

Regional Digital Hubs will create a dynamic centre of activity nurturing and mentoring small business development as well as being a key enabler for established hubs in Stirling to extend and develop.

These new facilities will create space to form new networks for collaboration between academia and industry, and to help Stirling and Clackmannanshire bring about a sectoral shift
towards growing high end – high wage employers.

In addition, Regional Digital Hubs in Stirling and Clackmannanshire will have a strong focus on delivering digital inclusion which will support skill development for life and work within
targeted communities

All projects within the Digital investment theme will lead to the creation of high value jobs and digitally literate communities as the region becomes a leader in digital technology and
creativity. The delivery of the Stirling Digital Hub and Regional Digital Hubs will encourage innovation by providing open data and co locating students, businesses, academics and mobile
workers from local and regional companies. The development of an innovative spirit will result in an increase of start-up businesses and entrepreneurship. The support provided to
businesses, the networks created, and business-to-business collaboration will help to encourage businesses to stay and grow in key communities within our region.