Through innovation and enterprise we will maximise our key regional strengths and assets to ensure a ready supply of high quality, high value jobs creating a diverse regional economy. Critically, the City Region Deal will help us to create a digitally and physically connected infrastructure across the region that enables these higher value, skilled jobs to be retained within the region.

Through enhancing our cultural, heritage and tourism offering we aim to attract many more people from all over the world to visit and enjoy our spectacular region.

We will create a high quality skills ecosystem with targeted skills pathways embedding inclusion which will be strengthened. Through improved connectivity our communities will have increased opportunities to access jobs that will enable them to prosper.

The partners have agreed four strategic outcomes for the City Region Deal - inclusive
economic growth, higher value jobs, shared prosperity and an inclusive skills ecosystem.

Strategic outcome - Inclusive Economic Growth

We will create conditions for businesses to thrive both locally and globally, increase job density and access to opportunity, maximising our regional assets.

Strategic outcome -Higher Value Jobs

We will invest in the creation of clean, green innovations and digital entrepreneurship to deliver a more diverse regional economy.

Strategic outcome - Sharing Prosperity

We will remove barriers to engagement and support inclusion to share prosperity and wellbeing across the region.

Strategic outcome -Inclusive Skills Ecosystem

We will widen access to opportunity through targeted, inclusive skills pathways.


Last updated: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 7:45 PM