• In 2015 the Scottish Government set out its Economic Strategy for achieving increased sustainable economic growth. Its two mutually supportive objectives of boosting competitiveness and tackling inequalities are underpinned by four key strategic priorities to drive economic growth – Investment, Innovation, Internationalisation and Inclusive Growth.

  • The introduction of Inclusive Growth as a central component of the strategy set out the case for delivering an economic agenda that drives sustainable growth and productivity across all of Scotland’s regions, places and communities.

  • Partners recognise the importance of ensuring that Inclusive Growth ambitions are embedded in their plans for the city region, responding to the particular challenges faced across the city region’s geography.

  • We have developed our vision for the region by deploying an Inclusive Growth Diagnostic which identified twenty one Inclusive Growth Drivers that are required to make our region robust and resilient.

Inclusive growth challenges

  • We recognise that there are significant challenges to achieving Inclusive Growth for our region. The Stirling and Clackmannanshire Inclusive Growth Diagnostic exercise identified the region’s core Inclusive Growth challenges that hold back the spread of wealth and opportunity for our community members and we are clear that the City Region Deal investment has a pivotal role in addressing them:
Low quality, low value jobs
  • Low-value jobs are inhibiting inclusive growth within the region.  In Clackmannanshire the gross weekly pay, based on place of residence, is 7% lower than the Scottish average demonstrating a need for residents to access high skilled jobs.
Areas of low job density
  • Access to employment within the region is a challenge and the shortage of local job opportunities results in some residents facing exclusion from the labour market completely.
Local community exclusion
  • We have communities within our region who face exclusion for example; SIMD (2016) data highlights a 30.3% working-age deprivation measure for Alloa South and East and 24.8% for Raploch, Stirling.  Communities experiencing deprivation will require targeted support to enable them to access the benefits that the City Region Deal investment will bring in terms of education and fair work.
The position of women socially and economically
  • Women in our region are less prosperous than the national average.  The gender pay gap is part of this narrative, however, women and girls bear a disproportionate burden of caring and social support.  Within deprived communities, this position is further accentuated.

Inclusive growth assessments

  • Throughout the deal, each proposed investment project will undertake a robust Inclusive Growth Assessment that will allow us to identify how it will contribute to achieving Inclusive Growth and help to tackle the challenges outlined above.
  • Inclusive Growth Assessments will group the identified Inclusive Growth Drivers, from the Inclusive Growth Diagnostic, into four categories shown in Figure 2; infrastructure; value and quality of jobs; skills and social capital.
Inclusive Growth Driver Categories

Last updated: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 2:51 PM