The Stirling & Clackmannanshire city region (“the city region”) consists of two local authority areas and has a combined population of approximately 140,000 people. The city region contributes approximately £3.3 billion2 per year to the Scottish and UK economies.

The City Region Deal partners (“the partners”) comprise of: Stirling Council, Clackmannanshire Council, University of Stirling and representatives of the city region’s private sector. 

The partners, in May 2018, signed a Heads of Terms agreement with the UK and Scottish Governments to deliver the City Region Deal. The Heads of Terms are available to download (opens new window) from the Scottish Government website.

The Stirling and Clackmannanshire regional economy is rich with significant assets including excellent further and higher educational establishments, rich natural, cultural and built heritage and a strong business base. We are well connected – to each other, the rest of Scotland, the UK and the global community. The region enjoys outstanding natural assets and a proud heritage - our sense of place is strong. The city region is home to some of the most prosperous and healthiest communities in Scotland.

And yet we face profound challenges. Not all of our communities share high levels of wealth, health, education and employment. 24% of all children in Clackmannanshire and 20% in Stirling, are living in poverty including children in working households. Women are less prosperous and there is an insufficient number of jobs available locally, especially in our rural communities and in areas of deprivation.

In addition we have young people and adults who disengaged from education at an early stage, those with criminal justice experience, substance misuse issues and people with a disability facing significant barriers to education and employment opportunities.

As a city region, we are determined to deliver transformational change to address these challenges by targeting shared efforts to reduce the stark inequalities that exist between communities and shifting the collective focus to make sure that individuals, families and communities with the greatest disadvantage benefit from increased prosperity within a fairer economy.

The investment offered by Scottish and UK Governments through the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal, will act as a catalyst and accelerator for our ambitious programme. It will unlock investment from within our region and beyond. It is imperative that we move swiftly with shared determination and purpose.

Subject to approval of appropriate business cases, Governments have each committed to the investment of up to £45.1 million (total £90.2 million) over the next 10 years, with the Regional Partners also committing to secure up to a further £123.8 million of investment, which represents an overall investment deal worth in excess of £214 million.

Through the City Region Deal, the Scottish and UK Governments and partners, are embarking on a new and strategic relationship that creates a lasting infrastructure that will transform the region in the long term, with coordination initially centred across key projects outlined in
Table 1.

Table 1 - Stirling & Clackmannanshire City Region Deal Financial Summary


Investment area


Programme / Project

Govt Contribution

(£ million)

Partner Contribution

(£ million)


·         Scotland’s National Environment Centre

·         The National Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Hub






·         Digital District

·         Regional Digital Hubs



Culture, Heritage & Tourism

·         Developing Culture, Heritage & Tourism Assets

·         National Tartan Centre



Capital Fund for Clackmannanshire

·         Projects to be announced



Transport, Connectivity & Low Carbon

·         Active Travel Routes

·         Walk Cycle Live Stirling

·         Energy Masterplan




·         Ministry of Defence Land at Forthside



Skills & Inclusion

·         Flexible Skills

·         Inclusion Investment Fund

·         Clackmannanshire Lone Parent Programme











£214 million


  • Input from those living in the communities, including active community groups delivering change at ground level, is essential to informing and influencing the change process. The Community Empowerment Act (2015) will act as a key driver to enable and strengthen both community dialogue and solution co-production. A community engagement plan will be designed for each project taking into account existing community engagement channels. This will ensure that local people have an opportunity to feed into projects at key stages.

  • Improving outcomes for communities will require the strategic alignment of a range of multidisciplinary interventions targeting locally evidenced needs. The City Region Deal will support the successful delivery of existing strategic Local Authority plans including the individual Stirling and Clackmannanshire Local Outcomes Improvement Plans (2017 – 2027).


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