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Social media - acceptable use policy

Stirling Council uses a variety of social media outlets, which we invite and encourage the public to like and follow us on.

Political neutrality

The Council itself, as opposed to its political administration, must be politically neutral in its communications. Therefore, please do not use any of our pages to promote party political messages or other content.

This is a particularly sensitive issue in the run-up to an election - local, Scottish, general or European - and we need to be mindful of how content may be perceived (regardless of what was intended).  The Council will remove any comments that, in its view, may compromise its obligation to maintain political neutrality.

Removing comments

We reserve the right to remove any comments or contributions that break the rules or guidelines of the our social media see below:

We ask you not to post messages that are deemed to be any of the following

  • abusive
  • defamatory
  • harassing
  • harmful
  • libellous
  • obscene
  • profane
  • racially offensive
  • sexually oriented
  • unlawful,

We ask that you do not swear

We ask that comments be civil, tasteful and relevant.

We ask that you do not post content copied from elsewhere, for which you do not own the copyright.

We ask that you do not post the same or similar messages more than once (also known as "spamming").

We ask that you do not publicise your, or anyone else's, personal information, such as contact details. - address, telephone no's etc

We ask that you do not advertise your own or other products or services.

We ask that you do not pretend to be someone else.

Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:51 PM