On 10 December, 2020, Stirling Council approved the first draft of its 10-year Strategy: Thriving Stirling.

The 44-page document is a blue print for how the Council plans to transform its services over the next decade, setting out the context for change and how the local authority aims to deliver on it.

There are four strategic goals at the heart of the 10-Year Thriving Stirling Strategy, which aim to create:

  • Thriving Communities – Empowered, engaged and participating communities, across every part of Stirling.
  • Thriving Workforce – An empowered and highly valued workforce; a great place to work where ‘Think How’ is the norm.
  • Thriving Partnerships – True collaboration with public, private and third sector partners, and with regional and national programmes.
  • Thriving Organisation – An efficient, high performing organisation; innovative, solution focused and collaborative.

Work to delivery on the vision and goals of the strategy started in 2021 with the development of a Target Operating Model, and updates will continue to be reported through the Council’s committee process.

Download the 10 Year Strategy: Thriving Stirling

Read the Council report which proposed the strategy in December 2020.

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