The Structure of the Organisation

Stirling Council Organisation Structure Chart

The Council’s Senior Management Team -  Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Officers and Senior Managers - complete a register of interests which is updated regularly and at least every year.

The purpose of the register of senior officers' interests is to help identify potential conflicts of interest when officers are making decisions. This register is available for inspection by auditors and senior managers and we also make it available to the public.

We provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Position held in the Council
  • Remuneration outside of the Council
  • Unpaid directorships in companies linked to paid directorships
  • Contracts with the Council
  • Houses, Land and Buildings
  • Material holdings of shares and securities
  • Gifts and hospitality
  • Non-financial interests

List of Senior officers completing a Register of Interests

Carol Beattie, Chief Executive

Isabel McKnight, Chief Operating Officer – Communities & Performance

Brian Roberts, Chief Operating Officer – Infrastructure & Environment

Annemargaret Black, Chief Officer – Clackmannanshire & Stirling H&SCP & Integration Joint Board

Jim Boyle, Chief Officer – Finance

Stephen Clark, Chief Officer – Housing

Drew Leslie, Senior Manager – Infrastructure Delivery

Julia McAfee, Chief Officer – Governance

Bruce McClure, Senior Manager – City Region Deal

Bryony Monaghan – Interim Head of Education (Chief Education Officer)

Stuart Oliver, Senior Manager – Economic Development, Culture & Tourism

Bruce Reekie, Senior Manager – Environment & Place

Marie Valente, Senior Manager – Children & Families (Chief Social Work Officer)

Register of Officer Interests

The Senior Managers and Chief Officers are accountable to the Chief Executive for the day-to-day management of services.  They work collaboratively to:

  • Lead, manage and coordinate the individual functions that make up the range of services we provide. 
  • Implement strategic initiatives including priority actions from the single outcomes agreement and corporate plans. 
  • Maintain engagement with partners and key stakeholders in the delivery of service provision. 
  • Shape and implement policies to support best practice and the efficient delivery of services. 
  • Monitor, assess and improve the performance of managers staff and others providing services for and on behalf of the council. 

The Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officers and Senior Managers make up the Council’s Corporate Management Team.