Bannockburn Regeneration Project

We are looking to get your thoughts on a new project within the council. With a proposed investment of £1.2 million, this regenerative project will create an environment and network that will support local residents and businesses to thrive. The project will involve investment in the refurbishment and delivery of new services in two local buildings within Bannockburn:

  • a new businesses and support hub in the former RBS unit with a separate unit for future use or rental.
  • the refurbishment of the Bannockburn Library with development of a new ‘Makerspace’ facility within the Library. 

This would allow us to provide high quality learning and development assets using state of the art technology and also provide a network of high-quality support services and resources to the local communities.

It is proposed that construction would commence in March 2021 for a period of 7 months with new facilities to be ready for use in October 2021.

Artist’s impressions of how the spaces could look are provided below and the Council invites comments on these proposals by 16 October 2020.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team directly about the projects please email or call 01786 233025 (Business and Support hub queries) or 01786 237537 (Library and Makerspace queries).

Business and Support Hub

This part of the project would provide an accessible business and support hub in the heart of Bannockburn.

The aspiration is to provide an affordable and practical business and working space to support local start-ups, business growth and expansion and provide a valuable learning and advice resource for the local community.

Provisionally, the intended focus of the building will be for providing: 

  • locally based Business Support, Training and Engagement
  • meeting room; touchdown working space and office rental available for rent for local businesses
  • co-working space for local businesses, charities social enterprise and
    community groups
  • delivery of business, networking, training and conference events 
  • 1-2-1 business support meetings
  • business clinics for developing and aspiring businesses
  • flexible events space
  • supported delivery of school curriculum and extra-curricular activity in business studies and related disciplines
  • programme delivery by partners including STEP and local Further and Higher Educational establishments 
  • delivery of 1-2-1 employability support 
  • small group work supporting ICT and digital skills 
  • presence of Council Officers at certain times to increase accessibility for the local community
  • touchdown space for members of the community to access online services and materials to support ongoing learning  
  • 1-2-1 meetings and groups sessions on money, debt, benefit and digital inclusion advice
  • potential presence of Stirling Credit Union to to offer lending and other financial advice services 

Artist's impressions of how this space could look is provided below.

A map to the site of this proposal is available below.


Library Refurbishment and Makerspace

Extensive refurbishment and redecoration is planned for the library. This will provide a modern, bright library space in the heart of Bannockburn with mobile shelving, relaxed seating and space for work or study. The proposed design offers improved access and greater flexibility to host events and also introduces Stirling’s first Makerspace.

During building works, estimated to be March 2021 to October 2021, the library will operate from an alternative location.

A Makerspace is a set of tools and resources that can be accessed by users in a community to produce a range of products. It provides an excellent educational resource for communities as well as benefitting small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Bannockburn Makerspace will take a suite of tools that Stirling Libraries has been developing for a number of years and make them accessible to the community. These include:

  • electronics prototyping and development (Soldering station, Oscilloscope etc.) 
  • computer Aided Design, graphics and 3D sculpting (with large format drawing screen)
  • laser and CNC cutting (wood, acrylic, PCBs, leather, card) 
  • vinyl, paper and fabric cutting machine  
  • 3D printing (FDM and Resin) including a large format printer
  • moulding and vacuum forming
  • jewellery making station
  • sublimation printing and pressing (Printing on mugs, T-shirts, Phone covers etc)  
  • airbrush painting station  
  • a range of finishing and power and hand tools  

The Makerspace will be located in the library in what is currently the Learning Centre. It will be in two parts with one area intended as a design area and collaborative space. This will offer a relaxed and informal environment featuring storage boxes for maker’s projects, comfortable seating and a presentation/collaborative work screen. The larger maker area will be separate with a very functional layout. The workbench situated in the middle of the room will serve a dual role, suitable for work and for hosting group visits, courses and class activities.

Artist's impressions of how this space could look is provided below.

A map to the site of this proposal is available below.



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