Last updated: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 10:19 AM

What are Recycling Inspections?

Inspections involve checking the contents of household grey bins to see if they contain materials that could be recycled.  

Why we do it

  • To comply with the Regulations.

This requires all recyclables to be collected in a segregated format and will eventually ban recyclable material from landfill.

  • To protect the environment.

Landfilling grey bin waste produces large volumes of greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. 

  • Because of increasing cost of landfill.  

It costs Stirling Council over £2.2 million to dispose of grey bin waste each year. Over £1.5 million of this is landfill tax, which is increasing each year.

  • To maximise recycling.

The waste we recycle is sent to remanufacturers and generates revenue. Recycling your waste also provides local employment through collection and processing.  

How the process works

If a grey bin is found to contain recyclable material our team will attempt to speak to the resident and offer assistance with their recycling. If the resident is not contactable we will send a letter to the household. The address, serial number and material found are then kept on record for any future visits.
If recyclable material is found in a residents grey bin on two more occasions then we will perform a mandatory bin audit.
This is done to help residents understand what can be recycled and what should be placed in the grey bin.  

Why you have a sticker on your grey bin.

A sticker will be put on a grey bin where we cannot identify the address it belongs to. The materials found in the grey bin are recorded, along with the serial number.