We are delivering a new waste and recycling service to just over 1,500 residents living in the city centre.

Following a long period of planning, consultation and design with partners Zero Waste Scotland, the service brings with it a bespoke style of waste collection for city centre properties.

For full information on the new service, download the City Centre Recycling Leaflet:

In October, the Council posted information packs to residents who will receive the new service when it begins.

Info Packs

It contains information on the changes coming into place. These include:

  • For those with brown (garden & food) and grey (non-recyclables) bins, the current fortnightly collection frequency will not change.
  • Some residents who don't have space to use a wheeled bin will use a purple sack to store and present non-recyclable waste.
  • Some city centre residents will also now recycle at the designated recycling points throughout the City Centre
  • Others will receive new green bins for paper, card and cardboard, and blue bins for cans, cartons and plastic.

The service offers a tailored collection model for the specific needs and arrangements of residents in the City centre.

Its aim is to improve the quality and quantity of recycling collected by the Council from the City Centre and ensure there is less waste presented on the streets, for a shorter period of time.

There are now 9 recycling points throughout the City Centre, with a further two to be put in place. Their location can also be changed depending on service use and residents’ needs.

Those using the new recycling points (map below) will be given a reusable bag to store and transport recycling. These can be collected for free from Customer First.Map Image

View the video on your new recycling service.

Last updated: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 10:19 AM