Last updated: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 2:41 PM

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There is an easy way to reuse bulky products that you no longer need.

Call the National re-use phone line  - 0800 0665 820

Examples of items that re-use organisations will accept:

  • Sofas and armchairs (fire regulation tags must be attached)
  • Beds and Mattresses (fire regulations must be attached)
  • Wardrobes and chest of drawers
  • Dining furniture
  • Fridges, freezers, electric cookers, washing machines and tumble dryers
  • Bicycles

Examples of items that re-use organisations will NOT accept: 

  • Items which are soiled, ripped or damagedre-use


  • Gas appliances of any kind
  • Bulky style televisions
  • Large wall units 
  • Items that have been left outside 

Why use the re-use phone line?

  • It's a free collection service for re-usable items 
  • Our experienced call operatives are highly trained to meet your requirements
  • You'll be benefiting your local community and charitable organisations by supporting employment and volunteering opportunities
  • You'll be helping to reduce the number of items being sent to landfill, reducing the environmental impact of waste.
  • You'll be saving your Local Authority in landfill disposal costs; money which can be better spent in your community

Please call and speak to a Zero Waste Scotland advisor for more information on 0800 0665 820. National re-use phone line is funded by Zero Waste Scotland and ensures that you can find an alternative way to disposing of your unwanted items whilst helping your local community and reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill.