Last updated: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 2:41 PM

We collect bins throughout the day so your bin may not be emptied at the same time every collection.  If your bin has been missed you can let us know after 10pm on your scheduled collection day.  We will collect any missed bins as soon as possible.

When is my collection day?

Details of your next collection day, is available on the Collections page. 

Why has my bin not been collected?

There may be a reason we have not collected your bins.  We are only able to collect if:

  • Your bins are presented on time - they must be at the kerbside or your agreed collection point by 7am on the morning of your collection day.
  • Your bin lids are closed - we can't collect any bins or containers that are overfilled or any additional bagged waste lying beside your bin.
  • The correct materials are inside your bin - we will leave you a note to advise if your bin contains the wrong materials and you can find out what should be put in each bin on the Your bins and boxes page.

How can I report that my bin hasn't been collected?

You can let us know after 10pm on your scheduled collection day using our Report a missed bin collection form.

Please ensure you select the correct options from each of the drop down menus on the form before you click submit. You can track the progress of your request if you are logged into your myStirling account.

What can I do with additional waste if I have too much for my bins?

Additional waste can be taken to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres (Tips).